Sunday, 29 July 2012

Latest photos from Otmoor Rspb

Green day on the moor today (saturday 28th july) With 5 Green woodpeckers seen. One on a fence in Beckley village and four more on the reserve. A Greenshank was on the second scrape on Greenaways at 6:45 am. Also of note on the green front was a greenish coloured Blue tailed Damselfly of the form rufescens-obsoleta colour form of this species.
Other highlights of the day were two Poplar Hawk moths in the Otmoor car park and
two Grass snakes were along the path to the 1st screen.
Cormorants seem to have taken over the Tern raft. Viewed from the 2nd screen.

Always nice to see the Little Egrets flying around the moor. with six seen today.
A snipe was chipping as it flew low over my head near the first screen. A Hobby circling over Greenaways suddenly did a stoop that a Peregrine would have been proud of and snatched a Brown Hawker Dragonfly from the air. Nonchalantly munching the insect in mid air as it flew to one of its familiar perching posts.
There are lots of juveniles of many species to be seen at the moment, including both Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat, blackcap, Garden Warbler, Reed and Sedge Warbler. Redstart, Whinchat and an early Wheatear have also been reported.
To see lots more photos from Otmoor please check out my photos on flickr 

Green Woodpecker Beckley village

Greenshank on scrape Greenaways

Green Blue Tailed Damselfly

Poplar Hawk Moth Otmoor car park

Grey Heron and Little Egret flying over Ashgrave

Cormorant drying its wings on the Tern raft 2nd screen

Hobby on post Greenaways

Laser eyed Female Tufted Duck. (First screen)

Reed Warbler. Greenaways Otmoor

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