Friday, 7 March 2014

Otmoor midweek

Once again i was fortunate to see the Bearded tit on Wednesday. The bird was in the corner of Greenaways near to the 1st screen. It flew up the path towards the hide calling continuously. Landing briefly on one of the wispy bushes 50 or so meters away, before heading further up the path. It was photographed a little later near to the wardens hut on Greenaways. (See Oxon bird Log 5th march). The bird is very mobile and i assume from the constant calling it is searching for a mate. It was seen half an hour or so before me by the 2nd screen, so it was covering a wide range. The area around the 1st screen was very productive, with two Treecreepers together in one of the Oak trees. I saw two together and could hear high pitched tsee calls coming from other trees so there could well have been three or four birds present. At 11:00 am A Barn Owl was hunting along the bund on Greenaways, close to the 1st screen, where the Bearded tit had been earlier.
Wader numbers appeared to be less than the previous week but still good numbers of Golden Plovers. They seemed to have left the flood field and spread out over Ashgrave, Closes and Big Otmoor. There were a few Ruff present with four birds on Closes field on Wednesday and twenty plus Dunlin on Big Otmoor. A Peregrine was back in one of its usual perches on the far side of the field between the screens. The Marsh Tit is still frequenting the feeders on a regular  basis. There were still plenty of Pintail on big Otmoor along with good numbers of Wigeon, Teal and Shoveller.

Barn Owl..


Red Kite..

Spot the Peregrine..

Zoomed up and attempting to hold the camera steady up to the Telescope..


Gadwall display flight..

Great Crested Grebe..





Goldies on Ashgrave..

Golden Plover..

Bearded tit..

Reed Bunting..


Treecreeper 2..

Marsh Tit..

Sunrise over Car Park field..

Early morning at the second screen...

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